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Public repetition of the trendy liturgies of Christian self-loathing will not save you.

Carl Trueman has a word to offer on the trendy inclination shown by some evangelicals to curry favor with the mob.

The days when Christians could be both respected by their society and faithful to their beliefs are drawing rapidly to a close. The terms of membership in civic society and in the church are becoming increasingly antithetical. It will not matter how much you talk about racial justice, for example, if you do not toe the line on sexual and gender justice. And public repetition of the trendy liturgies of Christian self-loathing on any number of social issues will not save you.

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Dogma Drives the Christian Life | Carl R. Trueman
<p>Christian hospitality, love, and hope all rest on truth claims, not sentiments. <em><a href=”/web-exclusives/2021/08/dogma-drives-the-christian-life”>Continue Reading </a> »</em></p>
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