Keith Lowery
Follower of Christ. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Maker. Consumer of Data. Reader of Books. Writer of Code. Against the Darkness. For the Light.
Bloodguilt Resurgent
Like the God I worship, I hate the bearing of false witness, and the stirring up of discord among brothers that inevitably accompanies accusations of collective guilt.
Saturday Funnies - 07/31/2021
Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. AproposWord weasling during testimony doesn't inspire confidenceAnalysis: trueHow the whole thing comes across to everyone outside the CDCHehWatch what they do, not what they sayPretty muchHahahahahaA
Michael Anton on Propaganda
They’re both scornful and terrified of dissent, so they incessantly shriek at us and lie to our faces.
Peace and Happiness
God cannot give us peace and happiness apart from Himself because it is not there. There is no such thing.
Oh Brother
There was a COVID-19 outbreak at a migrant facility in Fort Bliss, Texas, earlier this year, and Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services tried to cover it up.
Data Geeks Galore
Some charts from Steven Hayward for my data geek friends. Vaccines seem to help but they're not foolproof.UnderstandableWell wow!This is not the general impression you would have if you listen to
Really Made Me Laugh
It does often seem like lefties are either clueless, or they're running a con. We should probably embrace the healing power of "and".
This Could Explain A Lot
Maybe this is why the flu "disappeared" over the last year.
Smart Analysis
Covid lockdowns as a flailing kind of submarine warfare. Worth reading.
Disney's Animatronic Biden Praised As 'Incredibly Realistic' After It Short Circuits, Has Speech Malfunction
The CDC Flunks Statistics
"My own estimate is that when Covid-19’s ravages in 2020 are averaged across the country’s entire population, we each lost about five days of life."
A Boy In the House
This is how you know there is a dinosaur enthusiast little boy in the house. Randomly scattered here and there you stumble across these miniature, pre-historic scenes of violence and mayhem. Also, when
What is the gospel, really?
I Really Like This
New from the Petersen's. They usually do blue grass music but I really like this one a lot.

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