Keith Lowery
Follower of Christ. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Maker. Consumer of Data. Reader of Books. Writer of Code. Against the Darkness. For the Light.
Walking Back the Lies
They damaged the world. There needs to be an accounting.
Pride of Place
Perhaps it is a bad idea for Christians to make their temptations their identity.
Thelma Lou Has Died
She was 95 years old. May she rest in peace.
Compare and Contrast
American generals contemplate french tip nails. Chinese generals launch hypersonic weapon systems.
Follow the Science! Oh wait...
Aspirin has long been prescribed to prevent heart attacks. Now experts say it shouldn’t.Adults aged 60 and older should not start on aspirin to prevent the onset of heart disease, according
Security Theater
I'm traveling this week for the first time in over a year. A person, who shall remain nameless, is traveling with me and checked all the way through airport security at DFW with
Absolutely Hilarious
Backed-up cargo ships positioned to spell out "Let's Go Brandon".
An Important Thinker for Our Time
Today’s cultured despisers of Christianity do not find its teachings to be intellectually implausible; they regard them as morally reprehensible.
Myth Busting on Indigenous Peoples Day
Michael Ramirez offers a characteristic reminder that the popular mythology surrounding indigenous people is not actually historical. The view, that the indigenous people found in the Americas were innocent little lambs before the
Yes, yes we should
Steve Jobs Is Dead and Soon No One Will Care
Reposting on the anniversary of Steve Jobs' death.
Just So We're Clear
The government won't take care of its own business but wants to get all up into yours.
I thought they would be champions of the middle class, but I don't think they were. I don't think they wanted to be.
Who You Gonna Believe?
An angry teenage girl, or your lyin' eyes?

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