Self-Absorbed Christianity
The inadequacies of my contemporary Christian worldview.
16 min read
Transgender Candy
Transgender candy is the new virtue signaling
It's Ok to Invade Ukraine But With Certain Conditions
Invade the Ukraine, just don't mess with my gravy train.
Uh Oh
Wars can be started either by incompetence or design.
I Hope The Case Count Is Huge
Freedom offers a better quality of life than the government health bureaucracy.
Falsus In Uno, Falsus In Omnibus
Maybe the government who will abandon you in Afghanistan isn't the best source of medical advice.
When Your Marketing Department Has The Worst Luck
The Weber Grill folks decided to post an apology this week.  Apparently they post a user-submitted recipe to their web site on a regular basis. This week they posted a recipe for grilled
Closing the Barn Door After The Horse Has Bolted
Posing and posturing is what they do best.
Not Helping the Panic Narrative
How are people supposed to panic if word gets out that natural immunity is really effective?
Truth Telling Is Hard
The crucible of suffering is a ferocious teacher, but that doesn't mean that the message of those who have reemerged from its fiery maw, singed and sooty, will be well received.
Constant Lies
False accusations against Christians from the past.
Well My Goodness
It's not a panacea but this study suggests it materially helps.
Our Ridiculous FBI
The FBI rescued exactly nobody in Colleyville
He Had a Dream
No one much remembers it anymore.

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