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Pride of Place
Perhaps it is a bad idea for Christians to make their temptations their identity.
An Important Thinker for Our Time
Today’s cultured despisers of Christianity do not find its teachings to be intellectually implausible; they regard them as morally reprehensible.
Steve Jobs Is Dead and Soon No One Will Care
Reposting on the anniversary of Steve Jobs' death.
Through A Glass Darkly
The frustrations of the Gen Z
Identity Crisis
Self-defining identities are not a thing - no matter what we would prefer.
An Evangelical Imaginarium
Russell Moore accuses and places blame
This Present Palantir
When my daughter was young, she would often be asked, not usually by fellow homeschoolers, why she kept reading "The Lord of the Rings". I told her to reply, "Because I want to
Complexity, Ambiguity, Perversity, Liberty
The pandemic uncertainty should lead each of us to hold our opinions more loosely - to be more gracious and charitable toward those who hold to ideas different than our own
Quote of the Day
Public repetition of the trendy liturgies of Christian self-loathing will not save you.
Joshua Harris Wants to Sell You Something
Carl Trueman offers a no-holds-barred takedown of Joshua Harris, and the celebrity evangelicalism that he represents.
5 Years Later
Five years ago today I posted the following.  I was 5 days post surgery to replace 6 inches of my aorta. I came within a few hours of dying and the surgery was
What Are We?
Most of the culturally contentious issues of our time really boil down to a long-running disagreement over the moral implications of the first few chapters of the Bible's book of Genesis. Genesis lays
I Like These Guys
I Stand Amazed
Bloodguilt Resurgent
Like the God I worship, I hate the bearing of false witness, and the stirring up of discord among brothers that inevitably accompanies accusations of collective guilt.