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Attention Must Be Paid
Whenever Victor Davis Hanson speaks, we do ourselves a favor by listening. ‘Science,’ They Said › American GreatnessThe scientific method used to govern much of popular American thinking. In empirical fashion scientists advised us
Is Social Media an Intellectual Tar Pit?
Does the public reach of social media make us more inflexible?
Some Insight for the Morning
Dr. Hanson Must Be Listened To
Wokeness has been seen before, with predictable effects.
Does China Believe in Climate Change?
Pretty Much
Pretty true where the logistics of daily living are concerned.
This Present Palantir
When my daughter was young, she would often be asked, not usually by fellow homeschoolers, why she kept reading "The Lord of the Rings". I told her to reply, "Because I want to
Standing Up
Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller asking pointed questions of the U.S. military leadership.
Complexity, Ambiguity, Perversity, Liberty
The pandemic uncertainty should lead each of us to hold our opinions more loosely - to be more gracious and charitable toward those who hold to ideas different than our own
Quote of the Day
Public repetition of the trendy liturgies of Christian self-loathing will not save you.
Steven Hayward on Afghanistan
He posted a couple of insightful pictures as is his want. I think the above Tweet officially wins the Internet today.
Talking Sense
Michael Anton is talking sense as per usual
In Tatters
The Big Guy's restoration plan is over. Don’t be surprised at how things have turned into a sh** show. We’ve been swallowing ordure for a long time, ingesting lies by the
Disasters Can Bring Clarity
You're on your own. Plan accordingly.