WHO advisor: COVID-19 pandemic likely started via lab leak
One year after the pandemic started, World Health Organization advisor Jamie Metzl wants China to come clean about the origins of COVID-19.

But for heaven's sake, don't call it the "China virus".  You can talk about "the UK variant" or the "South African variant".  But you must not under any circumstances call it the "China virus". You can only talk about where something originated if it didn't originate in China. Because reasons.

Related: Glenn Reynolds saw this on Facebook:

“This pandemic is not going to be over until People’s Liberation Army officer and bioweapons engineer Zhengli Shi, the DIRECTOR OF DISEASE ENGINEERING at Wuhan Institute of Virology is arrested, tried and executed for crimes against humanity and all of her variants are put into an industrial furnace and burned and the Wuhan Institute of Virology is completely razed and covered over with a concrete dome.”

Most likely true.

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