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A Swan Named Karen
You will be made to wear a mask.
Gut Beliefs
Glenn Reynolds observes that many people's 'gut belief', and you really can't fault them, is that "the people running things are incompetents who often lie and manipulate".
The Bee Is Wicked
They have their acid pen out today.
They chose...poorly
A high-handed school board learns it is expendable.
Sleight of Hand
Steven Hayward helps to explain how statistical panic porn works. Meanwhile, Back in COVID-LandIn the never-ending saga of Dr. Fauci’s white-coat supremacism over public policy, in which, to paraphrase Mussolini, the motto
From my friend Rebecca
About Those Masks
Here's an interesting article that attempts to establish a negative correlation between mask mandates and improvements in Covid-19 rates. It seems to me the problem with articles like this is the same as
Well then
Study refutes theory that blood type affects COVID riskA or B, AB or O, it doesn’t matter—your blood type has nothing to do with your risk of contracting severe COVID-19, a
Nobody should say their last goodbyes...
Politics anybody, on an iPad, ever again.Brilliant. He's running for mayor of London and against cancel culture, censorship, and tyranny.
Reality Bites
...when you're selling fear.
Cool and Encouraging
Push the bar to crush the curve! Israel's aggressive & rapid vaccination in motion — Hagai Rossman (@H_Rossman) March 22, 2021
Well it certainly seems this way
I'm sure you're as shocked as I am
Study: Majority Of Americans Grossly Overestimated COVID HospitalizationA new study revealed a majority of voters on both sides of the political aisle believed exaggerated claims about COVID-19 and its effects.The FederalistJordan Davidson
You'll have to read it to get all the laughs.  Here's a sample: In school, we snacked on library paste, which seemed like a good idea when we were high from covering our