Richard Fernandez highlights something that should bug every thinking human one year into the Covid pandemic: how is it that after all this time so little data is available to the public about Covid?

You may think you know a lot but almost the only things we know are deaths (disputed number), cases (disputed number) and hospitalizations. Almost no details are available regarding living circumstances (e.g. nursing homes, apartments, single family dwellings, employment situation) or the actual a priori health conditions of those who are presently dying of the disease.  We don't know whether new cases are dominated by people who are living with someone who already has Covid ,or whether these cases are springing into existence with almost no knowledge of how people contracted it.

I think Covid is a bad disease for some people and I know many people, especially elderly, have died from it. But the lack of meaningful data made available by health officials at this point is more than ridiculous.

Richard Fernandez refers to this as "Selective Blindness". You might want to read his thoughts.

Our Selective Blindness –
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