The media is clutching its pearls and looking for the fainting couches about "white supremacy" as testified to by Attorney General Garland.   He says "white supremacy" is the biggest threat there is to "our democracy".

But it's very important to understand the game that is being played here. When progressives use the term "white supremacy", they're taking advantage of the fact that you think they mean one thing, when they really mean another.

When you hear the term "white supremacy", it probably conjures up in your mind images of hooded Klansmen, skinheads, and provincial, narrow-minded bigots of one sort or another.  And so when they say "white supremacy" is a threat, you either react with incomprehension, because you know that the KKK and skinhead community is vanishingly small and no meaningful threat to the republic. Or you react by assuming they must know about some looming threat that isn't apparent to the average Joe.

But progressives mean something else when they use the term "white supremacy".  They're using "white supremacy" as shorthand for an entire set of historical assumptions made within western culture that affirm and enable certain habits of thought and mind that are generally believed to be better than the alternative.  By "white supremacy", progressives really mean any belief in the moral or practical superiority of such things as delayed gratification, industriousness, thrift, the nuclear family, rationality, linear thinking, etc. They're not talking about people wandering around in absurd, pointy-headed costumes droning on about racial superiority.  Such people are not just evil, they're ridiculous. No, the progressive focus on "white supremacy" is actually part of a strategy to dismantle fundamental beliefs of western culture. They're using the emotional heft and universal repudiation of the idea of "white supremacy" to mask their actual meaning and as a way to enlist supporters who wouldn't otherwise get on board if they spoke more plainly about their goals.

Progressives always - always - use manipulative language to advance their agenda.

Take it to the bank...while we still have banks.