A Labyrinth of Corruption

Awful people do awful things.

Here's a very interesting update on Durham's effort to nail the bums responsible for the Russia hoax and subsequent bogus investigation of Trump.

I have a lot I want to say about this - a whole lot. For now I'll just observe that the invisibility of network traffic to average human beings is being taken advantage of to do some very nefarious things. In the Russia hoax case, DNS traffic was manufactured, or forged, to establish the impression that servers from the Trump organization were in contact with servers from Alfa bank.

But the cloak of invisibility that attaches to network traffic generally, and to encrypted network traffic in particular, is being used even by seemingly legitimate companies to engage in user surveillance and to hoover up user data that those users haven't knowingly authorized these companies to collect.

Anyway, more about this in another post.  But if you're following the Durham investigation, this is very much worth reading.

Transcript: the Michael Sussmann hearing
And why the Clinton Campaign will lose the fight to keep their email secret
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