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When I was in college, I used to do this very job working at a Walmart distribution center. There were dozens of people working every shift that did this job. And most of
Quintessentially American
The very first self-driving robot that has received regulatory approval is for...delivering pizzas. Is anybody actually surprised? I mean, priorities. Nuro’s self-driving robot will deliver Domino’s pizza orders to customers
A Uniquely Bad Idea
Neuralink Co-Founder Says We Have the Tech to Build an Actual Jurassic Park“Why don’t we more intentionally try to generate novel diversity?”Futurism
Disturbances In the Force
You Will Be Made To ConformLast week I had the dubious opportunity to take my company's required training on sexual harassment. I never look forward to this because the entire course content is
They Don't Actually Object To Tyrants
They only object to someone who threatens the progressive hegemony. Twitter bans Trump, but Iranian ayatollah, Louis Farrakhan, Chinese propagandists still activeTwitter sparked a major controversy over its decision to permanently ban President
Spot On
Apple and Facebook’s Fight Isn’t Actually About Privacy or Tracking. This Is the Real Reason Facebook Is So WorriedThe real reason Facebook is so worried? Transparency is a much bigger threat
An interesting application of drones and cameras.
From Sarah Hoyt's friend Robert Bidinotto. It is from one of his posts on Facebook. I thought it was insightful. A BRIEF, OPTIMISTIC THOUGHT ABOUT CULTURAL CHANGE.I have heard a great deal
Facebook's Lost Allure
I used to use Facebook because I found out all kinds of interesting things about the lives of my old friends. Now it seems like my Facebook feed is just an online version
They Made A Mistake Trying To Strike Him Down
Cancelled Tech Genius Behind Brave Preps the First New Search Engine - FrontpagemagFrontpage MagDaniel GreenfieldI highly recommend Brave and use it 100% of the time now.  Like any technology that reduces your adware
I Love This
I Remember This Day
I was glued to the T.V. for reports. The 30th Anniversary of 73 Easting « Lawrence Person’s BattleSwarm Blog
Really Interesting
Space Invaders Off Okinawa, 1945The fighter director controllers of the fast carriersPJ MediaRichard Fernandez
Thorns In the Garden
Facebook’s Ban on News in Australia Is Waking People UpThe serpent enters Facebook’s walled gardenPJ MediaRichard Fernandez