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The Great Fracturing
These forces of divergence will gradually unravel the sense of unity the world so briefly sensed at the end of the 20th century.
What If We're Misjudging What's Happening?
Perhaps the 20th century was the last time things were simple enough to expect governments to be fundamentally in charge.
Car Seats as Contraception
Ever ratcheting car seat laws raise the price of having children to the point of making more than 2 children infeasible for many young families.
Books vs. E-Readers
If you want to destroy a child’s love for learning, get rid of books. Serve him Plato from a PDF and E. B. White from an e-reader. Banish from his formative years any experience of objects that incarnate immaterial thought.
Really Interesting
Tristan Harris says social media is a national security threat.
Coding, Coding, Coding...
I've been on a coding binge.
Compare and Contrast
American generals contemplate french tip nails. Chinese generals launch hypersonic weapon systems.
Steve Jobs Is Dead and Soon No One Will Care
Reposting on the anniversary of Steve Jobs' death.
Why I Bought a Generator
Just one of multiple reasons, actually.
A Threat To Take Seriously
Hackers warn that if demands aren't met they will reactivate Facebook.
Covid Data Stinginess
Early in the pandemic, I got busy for a while trying to use the data that was being reported in order to draw meaningful insights. (Here's just one example of an animated heatmap
Winter Is Coming
The Texas Freeze of 2021
Attention Must Be Paid
Whenever Victor Davis Hanson speaks, we do ourselves a favor by listening. ‘Science,’ They Said › American GreatnessThe scientific method used to govern much of popular American thinking. In empirical fashion scientists advised us