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Conservative (In)Competence

Can't anybody here play this game? - Jimmy BreslinConservatives have been treated to serial disappointments of late, and while the left deserves to shoulder a lot of the blame, some of our recent wounds were self-inflicted. First, I sympathize with…

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Google completes acquisition of Fitbit, reiterates privacy promisesGoogle completes Fitbit acquisition after more than a year - 9to5GoogleMore than a year after the deal’s announcement, Google says it has now completed its acquisition of Fitbit.Ben Schoon9to5Google…

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Selective Outrage

But this is different because shut up. The threats and violence Twitter won’t policeOf late, much attention has been focused on acts of censorship by Twitter. What has garnered far less attention is what Twitter chooses not to censor,…

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The Great Diaspora

I haven't posted directly to social media, other than a few comments on friends' posts, since last summer. I continue to post at,  My personal site does automated cross-posting of links to a Facebook page here, but I…

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Making The News More Fun

I've been working on a little browser plug-in that will make the next four years much more fun for everyone. The plug-in subtly enriches web pages about certain subjects by injecting helpful additional data points that add clarity regarding important…

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If you haven't already done so, now might be a good time to change web browsers. I strongly recommend you consider using Brave. Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker | Brave BrowserThe Brave browser is a fast, private and…