Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. It's the last Saturday Funnies of 2020.

How our "betters" think about our money 
Well, they're just printing paper, so why be so stingy? 
Not enough
This made me chuckle
I would be completely in favor of this proposal
Mean but funny
I would not be at all surprised
Sad, but people are really reasoning along these lines
It sure seems this way
There's some truth to this.
Do not trust the FBI
Oh brother
Pretty much
When Greta Thunberg visits Santa
Popular opinions
I'm so relieved
So kind of like the ANTIFA of the ocean I guess
Not about Kamala Harris
Yet another reason not to trust China
To say nothing of their sense of humor
I like meat, but I'll pass on raw squirrels
Well, it's 2020
This made me laugh. Mainstream journalists are such slugs
This sounds like an excellent strategy
Big - BIG- mistake
Public service reminders
100% effective
Everything is upside down
I suspect this is pretty much true
Once seen it cannot be unseen
Every new mom likes a drum solo
It's entirely possible
nyuck nyuck nyuck
This gave me a chuckle
At the annual science department New Years ball
Well duh
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