Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

So THAT'S what happened. 
Photoshop awesomeness
The magical talisman against all forms of evil
The times we live in
Civil disobedience in 2020
Analysis: true
Pretty much
No kidding
Apparently so
This made me laugh
Just sayin'
I'm going to go out on a limb and say "it doesn't apply in that case"
Lots of people are wondering
Narrative shifting to serve your pursuit of power
They know there are plenty of Republican suckers
May he rest in peace
I'm sure it's mutual
Managing the narrative opportunistically
Don't even do as they say
Funny not funny
Made me chuckle
Sadly plausible
In bike racing they call this "drafting"
Kind of a cool picture
A lot of moms are asking this question
Maybe, but I'm not counting on it
True in principle

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