Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

They should be careful what they wish for.
Just so we're clear
No kidding.
This made me chuckle
Time to get out the blaster
It doesn't work out all that well
They pulled out all the stops but the line held. Now what?
I would not be surprised
The left is just masquerading when they talk about justice
They haven't needed another form of argument for 55 years
Have they acquired any useful skills?
You made the classic mistake of thinking it was ever actually about racism
Fry, boil, whatever
This. Is. Awesome.
Analysis: true
This is funny. But putting listening devices in your house really is dumb.
This made me laugh
He just wants to be healthy
nyuck nyuck nyuck
As in "Bob".
What if "the bees knees" were never great?
Your money will soon be worthless anyway, so why not?
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