Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Interesting perspective
In many cases: true. Alas.
Mean but funny
There does seem to be an uptick in word salad. You have to admit.
I do wonder how a basement campaign will turn out in the end.
Alex Jones - LOL
Yes, but shut up
Correct. Also, shut up.
Maybe the shooter used a "viral load". nyuck nyuck nyuck
Existence proofs mean nothing to them
I'm pretty sure the anonymous sources were released 4 years ago.
As if...
Pretty much
If you watch CNN, you need to select ALL the squares.
You can imagine his relief.
This made me laugh
Oh brother
"Fans" - LOL!
Probability: high
These parties are getting out of hand
Apparently so. At least on the west coast.
Sadly plausible
Awkward but true.
Life doesn't always turn out like you expected.
Disappointing election results
I. Love. This.
Ok - this made me laugh really hard for some reason.
I have a few additional "discrimination" ideas I can offer.
Of course it had to be Wal-Mart
Everything has an expiration date.
Decisions, decisions
Keep people like this away from me.
"Awkward" is one way to describe it. I could think of other words.
Yes. Yes I would.
I'm laughing too.
Analysis: true
Made me chuckle.
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