Saturday Funnies - 09/11/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Wouldn't surprise me
Aid and comfort
Probably not.
I know, right?
Evangelicals for Biden are pretty much exactly this
And that's just for starters
This made me laugh
It sort of seems this way
Probably so
I'm pretty sure the people now in charge are still eating crayons, glue, boogers, and dog food. Oh, and also Tide pods.
Sound advice
"Make" and "Take" are two very different things
To be fair, they were also hopeful that the pink unicorns and faeries would cover their retreat.
So the problem with the Taliban is mainly a lack of diversity. Got it.
I've known some 4-year-olds. There was nothing "accidental" about it.
They should have put "police" in scare quotes.
Ok - this may win the best of the bunch for today.
Pretty much
Well this is just a fantastic and perceptive observation
True enough
Especially if it came with a horde of gold
Made me chuckle
Notice the general attire
Most of us would be happy to have ANY kind of ammunition about now
Gave me a chuckle
And peppermint candy, and apples, and...
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