Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

I'll say
Covering all the scandals at the same time
Well, some of us are systemically challenged where hair is concerned
Even before the pandemic a trip to Walmart suggested they already were
When your salon isn't up to scratch
She does look a little like Admiral Ackbar
You'll need to have familiarity with the original Star Trek
No kidding
Uh oh
Mean but funny
I just hope their votes go up in smoke
Definitely what they get with their policies. Not sure they really want Star Trek.
This made me chuckle
Actually, they don't really intend to police their own communities.
Can we also make the rioters clean up the resulting mess?
Well, unless you're Nancy Pelosi's hairdresser.
That'll be extra
Analysis: true
Decisions, decisions
What is the"NBA"?
The court would be covered in exploded brains
Apparently true
You can't really tell them anything anyway
I would be in favor of not injecting hormones at all, but I guess that's just me.
Unless Trump wins
Well, actually, it's a national rank ordering of priorities.
Because THAT'S important in 2020
Roaches are more menacing than I thought
Funny not funny
Analysis: true
There is no such thing as "social distancing" among 5 yr olds.
nyuck nyuck nyuck (Classic Simon and Garfunkle reference)
This made me chuckle
Ok - this made me laugh
The Star Trek references are strong with Steven Hayward this week.
So funny
Something worth rioting over
Probably true
Correct, if you want to end up with good gumbo
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