Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

A new god every week.
They're crazy.
Yes. Yes they are.
I have no doubt it will come to this.
Although I'm not sure how.
I certainly hope so.
I guess this is why they're so big on identifying any way you want.
He's a bad candidate. We'll see if people vote for him anyway.
This made me chuckle
Not all that small, actually.
Pretty much.
Just so we're clear
Surprising but true.
Not completely implausible.
Asking the important questions
Haha - 'disappoints'
A perfect example of bureaucratic reasoning
And most Americans would probably be right!
Analysis: true
Exactly, precisely how things work
I guess this means the end of politics
This made me laugh pretty hard, I confess it.
Why do I find this unsurprising?
She went to the Lance Armstrong school of biking
I have absolutely no problem with this warning
No kidding
The soundtrack is bad, but maybe not as bad as that.
It's gonna be awesome
Also, don't squirt sanitizer in your coffee.
Yes, and then we stretched their faces to make them look more weird.
Good to know
Haha, yes indeed.
Almost certainly true.
I'm gonna go with 'Oreo'.
You probably have to be a certain age to appreciate this
I gave in to this temptation once with a bike basket full of newspapers on board.
It's not just him.
Made me laugh
nyuck nyuck nyuck
How a dog thinks
Pretty much
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