Saturday Funnies - 08/21/2021

If I don't laugh I'll cry

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Well, to be honest, he's on the Chinese payroll
Putting Photoshop to good use
Funny not funny
Hard to deny
Oh, I'm pretty sure vacation was a higher priority
What a coincidence
How it's going 7 months in
Whatever for?
This gave me a chuckle
Well, it's a lot of people's fault. But the asinine way of withdrawing is on Biden
I'm sure he'll be able to post it on Twitter
Worth a try
It's because they and social media execs are on the same side
I know, right?
Pretty much
I'm sure she's free to go to Afghanistan if she really wants to
Pretty good
These people are just stupid
Apparently so
I'm sure it will help them right over a cliff
I don't have to imagine, I've seen it in real life
I recall lots of this going on
Older than Joe Biden apparently
Analysis: true
This made me laugh
I don't predict much violence or mayhem
nyuck nyuck nyuck

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