Saturday Funnies - 08/14/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. Some of them are absolutely hilarious –- and pointed.

Hard to argue with
I know, right?
Made me chuckle
Made me laugh
Well, it does offer teachers far less accountability that doing classes over zoom.
Photoshop being put to excellent use
The political conversation we're actually having
Analysis: true
Well, if they get their way it is.
Truer every minute. It's enough to make a person think Joe isn't all that bright.
A timeline of actual events
Well, still not appreciated by the grope-ee.
Yes. Yes it is.
I cannot even imagine why people may not want to give the government even more information about themselves. It's a complete mystery.
A rare upside to the current state of public education
Snopes - LOL
A total mystery
So does this mean the next Republican president can ignore the Supreme Court too?
Funny not funny
Not entirely out of the question
Correct response
I think this is hilarious
When your chores take precedence over everything.
When the price tag people have been dipping into the cooking wine
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