Saturday Funnies - 07/03/2021

New pictures up from Steven Hayward.

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Well, I get the point, but to be honest I'm not all that into comparing the relative attractiveness of first ladies.
Made me laugh. Also true.
True, alas
The president we apparently have
So far but don't count your chickens
This would explain a lot, now wouldn't it?
It was a metaphor for our times
I prefer underachieving communists
The resemblance is striking
I would rather not go about it this way
What they would have you believe.
Aaaaaand...he's in the corner.
It has been a very weird week
I thought the very same thing
We can laugh at her illogic, but she rocks the "foolish consistencies are the hobgoblin of little minds" schtick. It's all about power, and she will adapt her policies to serve that end without regard to logic. The only logic that matters is acquiring more power.
I aim to misbehave.
Funny not funny
No. Not including that.
I like trebuchets. I have a miniature working model of one on my bookshelf.
You can imagine my surprise.
Well, I mean, it was DIPPING sauce.
Are there cows on mars?
Who knew heat made discriminating decisions?
How spin works
This is extra cool.
How it does seem to work
nyuck nyuck nyuck
This is hilarious.
I never had a six speed.
It would probably alter your rush hour driving experience
I know, right?
It's the all-purpose healthy resource
This gave me a chuckle
High probability
One of life's riddles.
MacGyver came unprepared
Say that 3 times fast


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