Saturday Funnies - 06/19/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Inflation among politicos has been a thing for a while now
Who you gonna believe, the climate nazis or your lyin' eyes?
Haha (Star Trek reference)
It does seem this way
Photoshop hilarity
Wile E. Coyote would be proud
Kamala is laughing because she knows reporters are suckers
Well, apparently so if the recruiting ads are to be believed
True if you go by their actual behavior and policies
The jar has certainly been filling up lately
What kind of person misleads on medicine just to make a political point?
Yeah - tell me.
Narrative uber alles
They're pikers
The train of "suicides" just keeps getting longer
Well, "a sense of superiority and a lot of money"
Well, yes but Charles Barkley has always shown some common sense here and there
Gave me a chuckle
She's the very face of Twitter
Smart kid
If it does, it's because they sold their soul for a pile of yuan
Only governments could actually lose money selling weed
This made me laugh. History is a thing
Their very first "mental health issue" was seeking fame on TikTok
Government "competence" on full display
How do you "slow" something that wasn't going to begin with?
Well, priorities
nyuck nyuck nyuck
In some states, you can make $25 per hour remaining unemployed
"misleading", LOL
The "truth" is entirely dependent on who's in office.
Never forget
I've known some geese like this in my time. This is the point in the story when you get yourself a good stick for whacking.
Made me laugh
Analysis: true
Let's not
I know, right?
John knows
A helpful decoder
Hilarious (you have to have seen the video)
Also, the fatter you are the less likely you'll be kidnapped
Yes, but the first crayon you tried to sharpen broke off in the sharpener and that was that.
It's getting pretty close to this point trying to login
nyuck nyuck nyuck
News you can use
What makes this funny is the look on the dog's face in the last frame
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