Saturday Funnies - 05/02/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Probably true
This is how it works, unfortunately
Pretty much
True history
Media types have never been very good at math.
It does sort of seem this way
Made me chuckle
Well, that's at least how it ALWAYS turns out.
I know, right?
He just knows being good at basketball makes you good at everything
Now it's only illegal for SOME people to break the law
Michael Ramirez isn't having it
And again, Michael Ramirez isn't drinking the kool aid.
Analysis: true
A pretty good summation
Policy making is all fun and games until there's empirical evidence for the effects of your policies
The likelihood of Americans giving up burgers is precisely zero
hehe - yeah, we do
Plausible explanation
I guess it can be awkward
Let's not and just say we did
Gave me a chuckle
To be honest, it's always prudent to keep up a little worry about the 'germans'.
This made me laugh out loud
You have to be of a certain age

"A delicacy in Mordor" - Steven Hayward
Meat eaters are so unselfish
Asking the important questions
Ribeyes have more fat but this will work as a start
Bossy brats too
You just know this is true
Yes, yes they do
It's a total mystery
But I was told there would be no math
Nice spin
nyuck nyuck nyuck
Made me chuckle
The bit about murder hornets is a nice touch
It was ever thus
Mean but funny
True for many people I think
If you haven't been following lumber prices lately, you might not get this meme

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