Saturday Funnies - 04/24/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. He isn't buying the narrative about knife fights being normal.

We are living in very strange times
What some would have us believe
Lebron needs to confine himself to counting his Chinese money
Are there still "sane jurisdictions"?
Also Mr. "Wrong Spelling"
I'm pretty sure they get 100% discounts on a lot of brands.
No kidding.
Pretty much
A surprising number of young people think the federal government defines their whole existence
Well, yes
It sure seems this way
Don't care
Some people have
Gave me a chuckle. Although I'm not 100% against masks in some contexts. But it has become some sort of weird religion for some people at this point.
Let me count the ways
His barber isn't afraid of him either
Oh goody
It all depends on the narrative requirements of the moment
Harshing the environmental narrative
Probably accurate
Among other things
Let's hope
Hilariously and totally true
Is that even allowed?
nyuck nyuck nyuck
This is perfect
Of course
Made me chuckle
Not entirely incorrect
Kind of understandable
So. True.
Too true for comfort
Putting Photoshop to good use
When old song lyrics disappoint you in real life
And I never want to hear it again

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