Saturday Funnies - 04/10/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Everything is infrastructure. Everything there is.
The Ford Raptor I want is infrastructure.
The least of our troubles
Has the ring of truth to it.
Pretty much
Don't drink it
Aside from the humor, she is just very unimpressive. Her lack of command of information is probably suited to the administration she represents though.
Well that will certainly make things easier.
Their "concern" for racial justice is just a pose
It would definitely be...disappointing
At least this. There's more to it. Read Carl Trueman's book on "The Triumph of the Modern Self"
People prefer illusions
21st century social justice problems
If only
They tell us reality conforms to our desires, so why not?
This is perfect
CBS "News" - LOL
I approve this idea
You can get it at Target. Just sayin'.
Gosh, it's almost as if he knew something the Washington Post didn't.
It's unclear how deadly an alligator is if it's small enough to be thrown.
You gotta respect Musk's understanding of what's really going on here.
Don't eat children no matter what US dietary guidelines say.
I have no doubt
Often true
He was in a hurry
Good for Alice
If you weren't around to watch Planet of the Apes, you may not get this.
This made me laugh
Don't do it
Big, BIG mistake
nyuck nyuck nyuck
This made me laugh
Sort of true, actually

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