Saturday Funnies - 04/03/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Possibly prophetic in numerous ways
All the photoshops mashed up together
Bernie does disasters in a scaled-down way
The universal solution for every awkward problem
The content moderators are probably too large in this illustration
And they usually have knives
You can imagine my relief
This made me chuckle
I think he's got it down
Absurd but true
Entirely apt
The common denominator in these seemingly contradictory positions is that both of them expand their power
Well, actually they call it America.
Saying whatever fits your bias
They'll get around to it eventually
Pretty good illustration
He goofed up
Is there ANYTHING at this point that doesn't unleash a toilet paper crisis?
No doubt the recipient of a public education
Another day, another narrative. 
I don't discount the possibility
nyuck nyuck nyuck
This one actually made me laugh
This is awesome
Time to break the window
Bubble. Burst.
Oh brother
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