Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. It's a "circle back" bonanza.

Just so we don't confuse the two
Helpful and explanatory
Who knew?
No - no she isn't.
A creepy organization run by an actual creep.
Except his assistants aren't as well meaning as Radar.
He's jealous
Just so we're clear
From day one
It'll be at least 2 years of bad "something"
There are no electric car fairies.
I'm gonna take a wild guess that the children work cheaper.
Pretty much
That's really the question, isn't it.
It all depends on who is president.
They never really cared about the kids - they're just using them for political advantage.
There's a lot of crazy about borders
She's been everywhere
She's kind of becoming the Greta Thunberg of American politics.
"Legends" or "Full of it", whichever.
Pretty much
If you figure this out please let me know.
nyuck nyuck nyuck
This made me chuckle
So funny
Probably true
Maine made me laugh
LOL - "officials"
Full marks for honesty
Doing the important work
So there
Good luck
nyuck nyuck nyuck
Sort of a real life "ET".
Seems about right
Funny not funny
Made me chuckle
Best meme today
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