This Seems Like a Big Deal

You're going to have a "woke" blood supply and you're going to "like" it.

This seems like a big stinkin’ deal. But what do I know?  Maybe my doctor friends can weigh on the elevated health risks this involves.

I myself had some health drama a few years ago, the survival from which involved needing to receive four units of blood.  So, to me at least, the question is not really academic.

Why, it’s almost as if mass institutional delusion could have a negative effect on public health or something.  Or maybe public health is just being made to take a backseat to the desire of American Red Cross execs to be viewed as some of the cool kids.  

Another possibility is that the decision makers at the American Red Cross are really such horrible people they’re willing to risk harming their neighbors just to get more “likes” on social media.  We probably shouldn't underestimate this possibility as the motivation for this.

But really, how vile do you have to be to put ideology over human flourishing?

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