The Bee Has Its Acid Pen Out

Wear your mask AND smoke your crack pipe.

The Babylon Bee has decided to use their acid pen today.

According to Biden Administration logic, it's important both to wear your mask AND smoke your crack pipe.

Biden Admin Issues New Masks With Holes In Them So You Can Smoke Your Free Government Crack Pipe
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Biden Admin has announced plans for 500 million new masks which will be shipped out for free to U.S. residents. These masks will have a brand-new design feature: a small mouth hole so that people can easily smoke their government-issued crack pipes. ’We are proud of our equity…

And then there's this:

Hunter Biden Arrives At White House In Fake Mustache And Glasses To Receive Free Crack Pipe
WASHINGTON, D.C. - A few days after the Biden Administration announced its new ‘Free Government Crack Pipes for Equity’ program, the president’s son Hunter was seen sneaking around the premises in a false mustache and glasses to see where he could get one for himself.‘Pssst! Hey you!’ said Hunter to…

H/T Glenn Reynolds.

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