There's Just Something About Starlink

SpaceX is a private military power

Elon Musk now has Starlink satellites operating over Ukraine, reestablishing much needed internet communications after damage from the Russian attack. It may not have occurred to very many people before these events, but in some ways SpaceX is an actual military power in space. When you have close to 2000 maneuverable satellites in low earth orbit, you’re in a position to do…very interesting things.

One has to wonder just how many aha! moments are taking place all over the world. Starlink presents challenges to militaries interested in achieving internet superiority during a time of war. And with maneuverable satellites, Starlink is not incapable of retaliating against aggressors.

China had begun taking notice of the implications of Starlink’s fleet even before these events. China would have us believe that their concern is genuine and only motivated by their treaty obligations to report things to the United Nations.  LOL!

I’ve been a little surprised that, even before Musk’s move to support Ukraine, lots of info was still coming out of the country through normal internet channels.  The Russians had been hacking them for a while, and it seems that whatever success the Russians may have had, they haven’t got total control of Ukraine’s internet infrastructure. Ukraine’s ability to stay online has certainly called into question the press’ breathless scaremongering about the inevitability of cyber-war effectiveness. Perhaps Ukraine had been paying attention to hardening their internet infrastructure far in advance of these events.  One would hope so.

One also hopes that Elon Musk has been paying attention to hardening Starlink’s own infrastructure (I suspect he has), because the world now has a taste of the possibilities, and he’s liable to start drawing all kinds of unwanted cyber attention.

Elon Musk: 1

Russia: 0

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