The Wonderful Miss G.

She blessed us.

I guess I posted the quote below on Facebook about 10 years ago.  It popped up today to remind me. It turns out that Miss G., my high school choir director, died this year. She poured beauty and patience and understanding into countless lives.

"I noticed that today is my high school choir director's birthday. She played an important role in the lives of so many young people many of whom, like myself, were complete knuckleheads. And yet, she infused our lives with grace and beauty and exposed us to important ideas expressed through music. All of this with patience and warmth and humor. The lasting influence of a woman like Miss G. should not be underestimated. ♫We love you Syliva, oh yes we doooo... ♬"
Sylvia Jane Garrett - Obituary & Service Details
A Memorial Page for Sylvia Jane Garrett has been posted on the Grimes Funeral Chapels web site - Building Relationships for Life.
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