I run this web server at keithlowery.com, for the most part, to decouple from social media and to have my own vehicle for communicating things I find of interest. I don't want Facebook deciding for me what is acceptable.

I'm starting to get a little chapped at all of the hacking/intrusion attempts that are going on. I'll use yesterday as a single example. I had thousands of "hits" on my web site yesterday, but only 10% of those hits (a few hundred) were for things that are actually on my site. The rest were intrusion attempts and the majority of them came out of China. That is a typical day running a web server in 2021.

Here's a more specific example. Yesterday, a single IP address in China sent over 1000 requests to my web server. There were many other intrusion attempts against my server that originated from China, this is just one example. Each request was crafted to present the pretense of being different kinds of mobile devices. The requests were formed in a way that probes for vulnerabilities in various software packages that are commonly used on web sites.

So far their attempts have been ineffectual but they're starting to make me mad. It's not that my little web site is interesting to the Chinese. It's almost certainly not. But the traffic I'm seeing is part of a wholesale assault on the internet that is perpetually being run by the Chinese. The Chinese are not alone in this but there is no question they are the most egregious offenders. By a lot.

This kind of thing colors my own point of view when I see politicians and business people being all kissy-face with the Chinese government. I just have to assume they're either clueless idiots, or they're on the payroll.

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