The Looming Preference Cascade

Big Tech censors don't control the CB radio airwaves.

Richard Fernandez has some thoughts on the Canadian truckers, among others.

Most people psychologically want to get along, especially nonpoliticals, unless grievance passes a threshold...When the sham collapses it crumbles catastrophically because the psychological inhibitions are down.

One of the big reasons the left goes in for censorship is not just that their ideas are crummy (they are) but because they want those who object to be atomized and insensible of the extent to which their feelings are shared by others.

But word got out in Canada among the truckers. The content on CB radio isn't curated by the lefty nerds in Big Tech. And now the socialist prime minister of Canada has gone into hiding.  He's lucky the truckers aren't Romanians.


It's quite a spectacle to watch, and I confess I've thought better of regular Canadians ever since the protest started.

Protests From Out of Nowhere
Gradually then all of a sudden
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