Something I wrote in an e-mail to a friend describing my impression of the toxic notion of systemic/structural racism.

People have become too cavalier about making unfounded accusations - an activity that is distinctly un-Christian. I don't think this is an accident, though, because the entire idea of systemic or structural racism encourages the pointing of fingers without any requirement to justify the accusations on the basis of what someone has actually done. It essentially redefines racism as an attribute of one's environment – someone can be condemned solely on the basis of their racial identity group, and without any possibility of redemption.  It thereby combines accusation with despair, a well-documented tactic of Satan himself.

When the demand for racism exceeds the supply, racism must either be manufactured (e.g. the continuous hoaxes on campus and elsewhere) or redefined, preferably as the air we breathe.

Don't drink the poison.

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