On Michael Yon's Patreon page, he has posted about how activists in Portland, on both the right and the left, are abandoning support for law enforcement even though each side has different reasons. This never works out well for anyone.

I posted the following on a friend's private group on Facebook:

Michael Yon had an interesting post on his Patreon page about a shift away from "back the blue" he's seeing on both sides, not just Antifa. Regarding some largely unreported fighting in Portland Oregon around New Year's, he wrote:"The situation is clear. There is a clear sea change in Oregon — increasing numbers of people who are avoiding conflict, and those who are joining battle, are turning away from Back the Blue.
"I saw this to a more limited extent in D.C., but now in Oregon the pattern is as clear. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will see this and know exactly what is going on. As will Vietnam vets. Before my time, but they know this story, too."This was in response to the police continually backing down against Antifa criminality. Someone commented asking for some clarity on his cryptic comment that "Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will see this and know exactly what is going on". He replied:"Good question. Ends up in a giant fur ball with tons of people fighting for tons of reasons. Also, criminality skyrockets due to economic damage, reduced enforcement, and the psychological enablement of war."
In light of events at the Capitol yesterday, I think his observations are prescient.
How do you think the killing of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt will affect the right's inclination to "back the blue"?
We're at a point where half the voters think the game is rigged against them, and the pandemic has put a lot of people out of work so they have time on their hands.

But this same phenomenon is playing out regarding the institutions of the federal government. David Goldman (a.k.a. Spengler) has his own take.  Worth reading.

American Democracy Died on Capitol Hill
Cross-posted from Asia Times. I am reposting this essay, which is behind the Asia Times paywall, in consideration of the seriousness of the situation. This is not a drill. No Russian cyb...
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