Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Gird yourself for national confusion 
Oh, everyone knows why. 
The narrative always adapts according to the current requirements
Their plan, in a nutshell.
I'm sure he'll bring his midas touch to this issue as well.
Historically true
No one really listens to John Kerry anyway, so...
How to tell they're not really serious about CO2
This would also result in substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.
Except I'm not smiling. At all.
Analysis: true
But this would be too obvious
There was no shortage of volunteers for this assignment
A toxic working environment
We have plenty in Texas
No doubt it has something to do with Covid
Spellcheck fail
Somewhat believable
Spellcheck is not a substitute for proof reading
Gave me a chuckle
Haha - this made me laugh
I guess so
And don't even THINK about reading a book on philosophy
nyuck nyuck nyuck
How the government thinks it can contain Covid
This made me laugh out loud
nyuck nyuck nyuck

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