Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

I don't recommend they try 
Because the world has gone crazy 
This made me chuckle
They should just adjourn to a French Laundry
They deserve the mockery
I'm gonna go with 'C'.
Just so we're clear
And we certainly can't have any of that.
They're not famous for their spines.
Oh goody
It was ever thus
Uh oh
Made me laugh
Facebook fact checkers at work
Trust the science, just don't trust scientists. There's a difference.
Analysis: true
It's not any more complicated than this.
No one ever said porch pirates were all that smart.
What a let down.
Pretty much
Oh my
When your marketing guy doesn't get any second opinions
Cue the scary music
Good grief.
Made me laugh
Um, no
This really made me laugh
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