Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

We're about to find out
Funny. But apparently he's been getting out a little more.
I think they're both crummy
Mean but funny
Made me chuckle
Pretty much exactly what's going on
A lot of people do seem to be feeling this way
The Democrats have a very long history of "reminding" black people.
Let them load up their stuff on an ox cart. Better for the environment.
Would be interesting to see how many people are doing this
Oh brother
He would have to have been crazy to have trusted the FBI
Pretty much
"Don't be stupid" is a policy I hope lots of voters get behind.
Electric cars, like recycling, are better at helping us feel better than at actually saving the planet.
Here's the story...
Let's do!
Only Saturday morning cartoon watchers from the 1970's will appreciate this.
She knows whereof she speaks
But Dorsey isn't funny
The tweet nazi
Sounds like a good plan
Does that make her "Queen Arthuria"?
Clarifications for the uninformed
If Oregon health officials always dressed as clowns it would be truth in advertising
Lizards were never very smart
"Take over"? Like what happened in Seattle with CHAZ?
"Removed". The timing is suspicious.
Twitter is a garbage company run by garbage execs
We must destroy the village to save it
nyuck nyuck nyuck
World's most awesome jack-o-lantern
Made me chuckle
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