Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Creepy Joe and Chris Wallas are quite the pair
This is why we need Photoshop
Pretty much
I don't really understand why the Republicans agree to these "moderators"
If only
Life imitates art
Made me chuckle
Got THAT right
He's a mumbling word salad machine
I wonder how many people under 60 even know what that show was?
A highly summarized view of the election
It certainly seems that way
This made me laugh
It was ever thus
Decisions, decisions
Apparently "space weather" conjures up icebergs.
Probably? There are climate scientists who don't understand climate change.
This made me laugh
And it's going to get difficult-er
People are starting to wonder
I never wanted anything except the flying cars.
Unless you're a kid in school. In that case you'll be suspended.
nyuck nyuck nyuck
It's turned the world upside down
When science fiction imitates real life.
But if you do, just invent cool hand signals.
This gave me a chuckle.
Not that far off
Analysis: true
So funny

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