Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Which is awesome
The question of all questions
No doubt
This made me chuckle
Yes. Yes it does.
Mean but funny
Pretty much
Not everyone can post this apparently
Analysis: true
This. Is. Perfect.
This is really mean
How lefty politicians see things
I laughed harder than I should have
I know people like this
This is funny if you're up on Justin Trudeau trivia
yes it does
Making left wing brains explode
Analysis: true
I know, right?
Apparently ACB is inspiring a whole new generation
Sad but true
Ok this is weird
Wednesday night church for you evangelicals
Technically he was telling the truth
There's an old Andy Griffith episode along these lines
Gave me a chuckle
I admit that I laughed hard at this
Yeah - why do they do this with the McRib?
They can have my share
This is a little tempting
I feel sure it won't take very long
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