Saturday Funnies - 09/03/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Made me chuckle
Seems to be the strategy
Someone said it was almost time for his pudding cup
Yes - yes it does
Yep - take note of the double standard
I'm definitely looking forward to getting mine
How it apparently works
By far
It's a fool's errand, which is probably why they gave it to Kamala
Mean but funny
It was ever thus
Analysis: true. The binary is...inescapable
Don't get me started
The list is very long
Seems this way
This comes as a complete shock to some people
But they weren't really sorry
I'm sure that will be helpful
I have some people I would like to try it on
So stupid
When you're phoning in the panic porn
It's one of the four horseman of the apocalypse
Made me laugh
Well, I am hoping something
The bear is a government expert
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