Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

It's one of his superpowers
yeah, what if?
More photoshop goodness
Haha - made me chuckle
I'm not sure turning orange helps anyone all that much
Or something like that
Well, yes. But it was never really about keeping you safe to begin with.
Prudence in action
And besides, he'll drop sprinkles on me from the donut he's eating.
They're everywhere
"Heavy" doesn't begin to describe those things.
Not entirely satire, as it happens.
Or just check with the Chinese. That way you cut out the middle man.
Or maybe just seek a job.
nyuck nyuck nyuck
Analysis: true
You can imagine my surprise
Probably so
It's almost fall, so...
I can only imagine
So true
About right
In Texas, hurricanes are a time for barbecue.
This made me laugh.
News you can use
Annual cost of tuition: $51,200
Didn't plan ahead
I confess this made me laugh pretty hard
Planetary bigotry
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