Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Yet another example of the excellence of Photoshop.
Oh, go ahead.
I actually think he was just straight up lying. 
I'm telling you, we just need to trade protestors and everyone would be happy
I suspect lots of people are thinking this way.
This made me laugh
Good idea
Why are politicians so defensive?
No kidding
If only
It's going to be canceled.
No idea whether this pic is legit. Nothing would surprise me.
They're not interested in consistency. Only in power.
Yeah - tell some more about that.
Was this before or after he got in that tank?
When you REALLY got relief.
I thought it already was?
Does nature have wifi?
Everybody and everything will be voting if we vote by mail.
Made me chuckle.
California priorities
Nothing is permanent
Pretty good
Oh, it can get much worse
Waiting for your turn as the boogeyman
You have to be specific about these things these days
Quarantine Barbie
We know how that story ends
Made me chuckle
Students are resourceful
Since WAY before social distancing was cool
The long term effects of online education will be interesting to watch
nyuck nyuck nyuck
This will work for almost anything
Hard to argue with
"Soldiers" in your cup
Your dose of idioms for today
This made me laugh for some reason
Not going to end well

And an extra few pics from my friend Larry

Not too far off
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