Saturday Funnies - 07/31/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Word weasling during testimony doesn't inspire confidence
Analysis: true
How the whole thing comes across to everyone outside the CDC
Watch what they do, not what they say
Pretty much
A useful guide
It's voter suppression
Absurd but how the incumbents will arrange it if they can
Actual communism just hasn't been tried hard enough
Lizzy will never live that down
Makes total sense
Not really a difficult choice
This made me chuckle
They'll have to use a camera that was manufactured before the GND.
"Making predictions is hard, especially about the future." 
It looks kind of like this in the videos
Whatever the narrative requires
I'll take "Statistically Improbable Headlines" for $500 Alex
I myself am utterly disinterested. The behavior of the competitors reveals a high concentration of narcissists is involved. Hard pass.
Well then your boyfriend is an idiot and a weirdo. 
This made me laugh
I know, right?
HUGE missed opportunity
They need time to undo the damage
This would be the proper response to such an outrage
They can't help themselves
That explains everything
Believable illustration of the Marxian mindset
Entirely possible
Made me laugh
nyuck nyuck nyuck
Almost certainly true
This made me laugh too hard
How to remember the right way to do toilet paper
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