Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Dr. Fauci's athletic prowess left something to be desired


Do as I say, not as I do

For some reason this made me laugh too.

The NBA does seem to be in Beijing's hip pocket

Any time you apply a modifier to "lives matter", there's an unstated agenda.

Almost any of these would work

Analysis: True

This made me chuckle

Pretty much.

A useful decoder for those challenged by basic economics


Mean but funny.

I do wonder how long he can get away with hiding.

He's just the front man

Always unexpected

Hoo boy

Now this is funny


I'm sure they'll make it all better.

Just so we're clear

Whenever they accuse someone else, just assume they're projecting

They're really horrible people who are skilled at gaslighting

Well it's certainly no who the DEMOCRATS are.

The Shire or Mordor. The choice is yours.

Entrepreneurs for every situation


Michael Ramirez brilliance

At least until November 3rd.


Yep. If you haven't seen this you haven't been to the grocery store.

How it works.

I had no idea Aragorn worked for the public health department.

That virus is amazing.

We don't know why

And some people are idiots


They're just yanking our chain


Those other numbers are losers

It's going to get worse before it gets better



Haha. Pretty much.

Working from home.

Me too.

nyuck nyuck nyuck

Mean but funny

Everyone knows it's therapeutic


I have no idea



An important clarification


Some things never change

Posting just because the left hates him now

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