Saturday Funnies - 07/17/2021

Saturday Funnies - and they're funny.

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

We can always hope
Make of this what you will
Pretty much
Fork it over
I really do think the political class has no idea how regular people live
Not entirely inaccurate in the minds of politicians
Yes. Yes they did.
You know you're being gaslighted when the media is non-stop "bad bad America" but everyone else in the world wants to come here.
I'm sure they're all just ungrateful wretches

Every. Single. Time.
This made me laugh
All week long
The media is such a waste
THe white house sort of admitted this - I mean, when you're flagging posts you want them to take down, well...
Needs to reboot
Analysis: true
Entirely possible
Well, a lot of them voted for Joe Biden, so...
Sad and funny all at the same time
Maybe not, but they're going to try and then brag about it
This made me laugh
Not sure I would stage an "insurrection" in my bare feet. But whatever
A handy reference
Times have changed.
It's poisonous AND it's full of worms.
The olympics in one meme
Kicking the can down the road
At some point people may catch on
Yep - but I wish they would
Actually true
Well, Florida man...
Nothing to see here
The restaurant should also get certified as having the dumbest clientele.
Maybe God is an art critic among other things
Someone has breached the space/time continuum
Epiphanies sometimes come too late
I know, right?
You have to be familiar with ancient music lyrics to get this one.
"those were the days..."
nyuck nyuck nyuck

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