Saturday Funnies - 07/10/2021

Saturday Funnies. It's the Lego Rebellion!

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. It's all about the Lego Rebellion of 2021.

The Washington elite is making themselves more ridiculous than anyone could have possibly imagined.
It would surprise me not at all.
No doubt Legos will be reclassified as a WMD.
I recommend you wear shoes if you try.
I'm sure they'll try to have it both ways
We have a problem, don't we?
If you bought the narrative about mean tweets, you're a gullible rube and got played.
Pick your poison
You have to laugh or you'll cry
When you're scraping the bottom of the barrel for good news about inflation.
They can use the 16 cents to buy cake
Entirely believable
Don't believe them
Photoshop is often...illuminating
Elderly people are wise
It's more of an intentional act of psychological warfare than an accident. But whatever.
Pretty funny
It's going to be fascinating to see if they can get away with it.
You'll get this if you were watching the Tour de France debacle
It's been a tactic of totalitarians everywhere since forever
Well, people act like who they worship
If it were me deciding, I would say "no" on the need for a permit
This made me laugh
Analysis: true
Oh - I'm pretty sure they're still expecting a PayDay. If you know what I'm sayin'.
It's going to be really complicated before we're through.
We've got a bad case of CNA (continuous narrative adjustment)
The future is already here: Alas.
Um, no.
A typical day at Walmart
Facebook in the year 2100. Ferreting out extremists in ever more narrowly defined social circles.
Gave me a chuckle
I'm pretty sure the answer is "no".
Is it just me, or does Luke look like a maniac Joker on one of the Batman movies?
Kermit is better. By a lot.
nyuck nyuck nyuck
There's nothing actually very historical about the "History" channel any more.
The odds this is a true meme are not zero.
Well, there are lots of yummy creatures. But there are some things I won't eat.
A very real possibility
I'm gonna have to go with "true".
Well, to be absolutely truthful, there were a lot of kids who ate paste and glue back in the 1960's. Just sayin'.
There has been something catastrophic happen to the space/time continuum.
Don't get me started on running around behind a dog with a plastic bag.
For some reason I like this picture. Something tells me the K-9 isn't going to be over-burdened with considerations regarding disparate impact.
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