Saturday Funnies - 06/26/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Pretty much
Once you understand that their words are only ever a tool for acquiring more power, it all starts to make more sense.
Oh, it's not closed
Good luck with that
Yeah, well, so are we.
Made me laugh
Just trying to be helpful
The moment we live in
It's funny even though Schrodinger is misspelled
If you're shooting nukes, you don't really need a laser sight
I'm afraid this is probably true. Do not trust the FBI.
I watched this movie in the 1970's
Well, they won't even have to come over if you connect it to the internet. Do not trust the Internet of things.
Not even an exaggeration
nyuck nyuck nyuck
I'm sure that's going to work out so well for them
Well, there are a lot of "twisted" things in the Home Depot lumber aisle.

Made me laugh
Probably true.
A small word of advice: probably not what she had in mind.
Probably so.
A little mean but funny
I know a true story almost exactly like this but it has to do with a bumper crop of squash
This would be pitch perfect if the words "mealy mouthed" were added somewhere.
A good use of Photoshop
I for one have problems with bears in my backyard for any reason at all.
I'm just gonna stick with "brain freeze".
And they had pretty much unlimited storage capacity
When you're a dog, but your owner doesn't recognize're a dog.
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