Saturday Funnies - 05/22/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

If only
Diverting attention
It's never about principle or consistency - it's only ever about power
We're ALL in the Twilight Zone now
Yes, yes it did
I'm sure he's so proud
Gave me a chuckle
If your policies promote Russian energy and jobs, does that make you a Russian stooge?
That's probably the plan
And it always will
Pretty much how it's working
It isn't a difficult choice unless you're goal is to manipulate people
Any day now
The Associated Press in the Middle East
Everyone is always mad at the Jews when they won't let themselves be killed.
Apparently this is how solar works
Kind of like a Chucky doll but meaner
Made me laugh
The shock is probably compounded by the fact that he can't voice his own opinion at home
No kidding
About 28 years too late
Well, he doesn't understand how almost anything works so this isn't really surprising
You won't like Yoda when he's mad
He'll take care of it
No kidding
I am that man
Finally we understand
nyuck nyuck nyuck
It's one of the principal laws of physics
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