Saturday Funnies - 05-29-2021

The Saturday funnies have arrived.

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

It could have been anything
Always keep them distracted
Increasingly true
Oh, these lyrics have been true of more than one president
Where we've come to
This made me laugh
I wonder
So very true
Pretty much. The new anti-racism is just the old racism wrapped in a new bow.
They're just posturing, they're not going to act on principle.
Telling it like it is.
There are just some things about the narrative that don't compute
Funny. Won't be funny during the next war
This. Is. Hilarious.
I know, right?
Pretty much the world we live in - which is a testimony to the quality of public education
nyuck nyuck nyuck
Facebook is tedious and boring now
Pretty much how things went down.
You'll have to be a certain age to get this one
That's what they get for collaborating with terrorists
Kind of hard to argue with
We'll see, won't we?
It's all just a function of the needs of the moment
Which also includes a lot of my progressive friends/acquaintances on Facebook
The bureaucratic mindset at work
The 'hurtful language' was the word 'male'
And this is exquisitely awesome
You can imagine my surprise
Umm, no.
For some reason I love this. A lot.
This made me laugh out loud
Battle of the fast-food joints
Important information you can use
From 1971. Bob Dylan turned 80 this year.
The importance of answering correctly
And grumpy to boot
nyuck nyuck nyuck
Made me chuckle
Made me laugh
"Influencer", LOL
Works in Texas too
Actually true
Don't get me started on this phenomenon. When I was at Amazon, we avoided hiring PhD's.
Because this place is lame
Embrace the healing power of "AND"

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